Murcery Cases in Norway

Norwegian Dental Assistants Union – ThsF has during the last couples of years fought the mercury case on behalf of ten thousands of Norwegian dental nurses. ThsF has fronted the mercury case throughout media and has put the issue on the political agenda.

The Story of Tordis’ on The British Association of Dental Nurses, website

"Tordis Klausen is the ‘Whistleblower’ from Norway. She was exposed to very high doses of mercury vapours and became extremely ill. Through her determination and courage, she has helped thousands of other dental nurses in Norway." Article written by Gerd Bang-Johansen, Leader of Norwegian Dental Assistants Union – ThsF Article
Exposure to Metallic Mercury and Cognitive Effects in Dental Personnel in Central Norway’, EEB Conference Brussels, 25th May, 2007

This is a research project carried out by Professor Bjorn Hilt in Norway, about the deleterious effects of mercury on Norwegian dental personnel. Presentation

Norway bans mercury in products

When toxic mercury lands in the environment it is extremely harmful, and the development of children may be harmed as a result. The Norwegian Minister of Environment and Development, Erik Solheim, has therefore prohibited the use of mercury in products in Norway.

Norwegian regulation banning the use of mercury in products

Regulation on amending the regulation of 1 June 2004, No. 922, on restrictions on the use of chemicals and other products that endanger health and the environment (product regulation)".

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